The Pinnacle Curriculum ® (Georgia,USA)

  • A developmentally appropriate program fulfilling the needs and appreciating the differences of individual children.
  • Most activities can be enjoyed by children aged two to five.
  • Provides a balance of child initiated and teacher-focused activities; active and quiet activities; and group and individual activities.
  • Based on the research of Jean Piaget,Howard Gardner and Eric Erikson compiled by a team of 31 child psychologists.
  • Theme-based curriculum to create a hands-on, active program where children interact with each other and materials, co-operating and collaborating.
  • Builds upon what the children already know and are able to do, to enable them to connect new concepts and skills
  • Encourages parents to be partners in learning

Two, Three and Four-Year-Olds

Pinnacle Curriculum follows a daily activity format that matches the ever changing needs of each child. With a program specific to the educational and emotional needs, interests, and activity levels of each age group, Pinnacle Curriculum meets learning objectives that will help every child move towards their potential. Pinnacle Curriculum provides for these age groups small and large group time activities, along with center-based activities for as many centers as a classroom can hold.

School-Age Children

Whether students want to work on a creative art project, do homework, or just relax in the “Chill Zone”, Pinnacle Curriculum assists school-age teachers in creating an attractive and fun environment. Pinnacle Curriculum provides opportunities for students to interact with each other as they participate in activities that stimulate their creativity and well-being.



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